Women on the left, living in poor villages have no opportunity for economic growth and often move to cities in search of jobs. On the right, women are in training with REDWC.         


           Woman at "REDWC". REDWC is a nonā€profit organization that provides training for low-income women in Ethiopia. They receive training in quilting, sewing, making ornamental earrings, as well as designing colorfully handmade quilted fabric pads that can be used to decorate beds, sofas and chairs, used as wall ornaments and pot holders and as table protectors. We also offer training in jewelry design: earrings, necklaces, bracelets and cooking; therefore we assist the women with guidance and supports and with money to start their own businesses. REDWC also supports the local children with food, clothing, money for basic schooling. REDWC knows that supporting women in their healing from economic disorder will help to provide better circumstances for their children and families to move forward




When we started the REDWC classes, we interviewed the students about their lives. Almost all of them experienced some kind of suffering and great difficulty. They spoke about how hard it is to survive. Some of them are single mothers, and they don’t want to talk about the father. Others said that while working as house-cleaners or clothing-washers, traveling from home to home to do this work, they experienced a lot of physical and sexual abuse. They're constantly worried about their children and what to feed them and what will happen to them--today and tomorrow.  They work as hard as they can to earn enough for food, shelter, and clothing for their kids.

Often there is not enough for these needs, and as it costs money to go to school, the children always can't. The jobs women can get, do not pay very much, and employers are often potential abusers and rapists. After hearing about REDWC, the women decided to give this life-changing training a try, and now they have some hope for tomorrow.